Alright boys, I feel it is time to start up another DnD campaign. However this time, we are going to make it great. This time we will do more than three sessions and quit. This website will help us keep track of everything, you guys can edit it to keep notes on your characters and do lots of other stuff. Just play around and lets actually try and do this right.

Just to give you guys a feel how this campaign is going to go it’ll be a bit different than how I normally ran it. I want to try a different style instead of plotting a story for you guys to follow the world will be open ended. I will have random NPC’s with problems, and if you want to help them, go for it, if not, fuck em. More freedom but less structure too, if I have a cave that is infested with trolls and some level ones stumble into, tough shit. The world will be set up to explore, I won’t try and push you in certain directions because there will be no need.


Dansodai jwretucci Blemley