First Session

The group of four adventurers met and began their adventure. The Gnome Cleric prevented the drunken desecration of his god’s temple of Pelor by the three of the members of their team. This is how they met, and this is how their adventure began.

While the local province of Hamuul put out the call for adventurers and the four adventurers did answer the call, what they did not realize is that the province itself is composed of almost all humans. The party consists of a gnome, dwarf, and two halflings, all of which are not common nor accepted in the area.

While venturing through town, they discovered that they were shunned and looked down up, not given the best courtesies that they could have been provided. The opportunity to officially adventure in the province of Hamuul could only be provided if they received adventuring licenses from the mayor/constable of the town. He was very unhelpful and told them they would have to prove themselves if they wanted to acquire a license, but provided no means to do so. They discovered that the only real kindness that could be found was from the temple of Pelor. They offered the rag tag group of adventurers a chance to help by tracking down and bringing a renegade aasimar to justice that recently broke away from the temple after practicing necromancy.

The group jumped at the opportunity and set off, heading north east as per the instructions of the head of the temple. The mansion of the aasimar was located north east of the town and the party reached it within two days. The mansion was large and imposing, but the party entered no less. The mansion consisted on many rooms that were populated by the undead, reanimated kobold zombies and kobold skeletons. The party battled through two floors of such monsters until they faced the aasimar and defeated him. After procuring his head, after multiple attempts, they brought back their grisly trophy back to the temple.

The head priest was thankful that the adventurers were successful in their quest to defeat the aasimar. He promised the party help and he did, he provided a note to the mayor/constable to consider giving us help. After taking in the situation and the recommendation, he decided that the party would be given the opportunity to earn their license. All they have to do is gather intel on a gnoll community to the south. There is no need to engage them, just see what they are doing. And thus the adventurers are on their way…

The Story So Far,,,

The campaign opens up with the four adventures all venturing to the town of Hamuul with aspirations of becoming licensed adventures in the Hamuul providence. Becoming a licensed adventure entails multiple benefits such as increased rewards from bounties and other jobs handed out officially from the town of Hamuul. However, as all four of you are not from the town of Hamuul, you are finding it difficult to acquire the license and thus as now stuck here together as outcast adventures in a foreign town.


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